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    Jonathan Austin's magic cuts across all lines and that's no illusion.

    His unmistakable performances combine the sensational and the subtle, which leaves adults and children, young and old, families and singles thoroughly staggered and astonished, and helplessly laughing from his audience interaction.

    Equally at home performing for groups large or small, at corporate events, private parties or festivals, Jonathan orchestrates close-up magic with his outgoing, personable nature to create a highly entertaining and always fresh performance. Completely solid gadgets and everyday objects disappear, reemerge and/or slice through each other; coins multiply (who doesn't like that?) and Jacks turn to Queens for an unforgettable metaphysical theater of fun and entertainment you will talk about long after the performance is over.

    Jonathan and his 24 Hour Emergency Juggling and Magic Service is an essential crowd-drawing and crowd-pleasing element for any festival, event or private party for any age or occasion; and his environmental shows for schools and motivational performances are unique. Jonathan will also make your meeting or corporate event something completely different and sure to leave employees and attendees with a smile on their face and a boost in morale that, as good as he is, not even Jonathan can make disappear.


    Combining a flavorful personality and an uncommon rapport with his audiences,

    Jonathan Austin engages people of all ages with his quick wit and fast-paced humor, often leaving them laughing at one joke while bellies and mouths play catch-up to roar at the next. A veteran of The Village Gate and The Comic Strip nightclubs in New York City, New Orleans' French Quarter and several resorts and cruise lines is a first-class performer, who also has been featured on ABC and PBS. Award-winning, full of action and critically acclaimed, Jonathan provides plenty of good times and great feelings through spontaneity and ad libs, and still manages to leave them wanting more.


    You won't find a better Master of Ceremonies or host for an event than Jonathan Austin,

    Jonathan has performed at such venues as The White House, The Kennedy Center, Walt Disney World and New York City's Central Park. His engaging personality and charisma make him a natural fit for any situation or type and size of audience. He routinely hosts a variety of events at a myriad of venues. Whether it is a corporate event, award show or banquet, Jonathan's flair, timing, sense of humor and engaging personality brings an element of unparalleled fun and excitement that transforms an ordinary event into an extraordinary occasion. And that's no magic act, either.

  • Auctioneer: What do you get when you cross a juggler, magician, comedian and unicyclist?

  • Jonathan Austin: An auctioneer

    That's right. Jonathan's diverse talents make him one of the area's most sought after auctioneers because he brings to an auction not only the staples of any good auctioneer, but also a unique style developed from years of high level live entertainment, television appearances and commercial work, and improvisational skills honed by a career of thinking on his feet while interacting with thousands. His natural rapport with audiences and impromptu humor cultivates a dynamic partnership that motivates spectators into becoming participants. Fast-paced and humorous, Jonathan facilitates the back and forth of competitive bidding that is the pulse of any fundraiser. Jonathan is available for schools, nonprofit organizations, art and antique galleries, celebrity auctions or any group or enterprise who has the need of auctioning services.


    Everyone has a calling card and Jonathan Austin has his : Juggling

    That's why he created the 24 Hour Emergency Juggling and Magic Service.

    You never know when you need a sensational and daring juggler.

    There is nothing Jonathan won't juggle: clubs, rings, canoe paddles, rubber chickens, baseball bats, a hodgepodge of balls, basketballs, soccer balls, bowling balls, tennis balls; even a torch and blade here and there (and only outdoors).

    Around his back, under his legs, with objects of varying weight and shape at the same time, at varying speeds and orbital patterns; nothing is out of question when there is a juggling emergency.

    But he doesn't only juggle objects, as captivating as that is. While awash in amazement at Jonathan's physics-stretching capabilities, audiences are kept in stitches laughing at his repartee; one second delighting a child, the next digging at an adult. It's universal humor understood by the young and the young at heart.


    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? not quite..

    Jonathan riding his unicycle is pretty impressive nonetheless. High above the crowds he peddles back and forth, in circles, feigning insecurity (hands reach out ready to brace him for a fall that never happens) all while juggling anything imaginable, from tennis rackets to torches, and maintaining comedic contact with his audience. Even with all that's going on up there he still has the wherewithal for witty improv and back-and-forth banter with the audience. It's no wonder Jonathan is one of the region's most popular individual performers and drawing crowds at major events all along the East Coast.