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Professional Variety Entertainer For ALL Events
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Since 1984, Jonathan Austin has performed at many fantastic places for some great people over the years including:

"Jonathan.. has always been able to delight our guests with his amazing and humorous juggling show."

Max Winfrey
Entertainment Coordinator
Walt Disney World

"Thank you so much for a great performance at the Holiday Festival. What a hit you were with the kids and adults as well."

Nancy Davis
Entertainment Coordinator
The Kennedy Center

"I can not begin to tell you how many people stopped me to let me know how much they enjoyed your performance."

Keith Hessey
Atlantic Rural Exposition
Virginia State Fair

"Not only were you popular with my committee you were incredibly popular with the crowds."

Brenda DeHaven
Art By The James

"I have never seen my fun-loving, but serious principal laugh so hard."

Lori Yattaw
Chesterfield County Public Schools

"I was moved by the way you made a special effort to include ALL the children in your act, regardless of disability"

Hillary T. West
Children's Hospital

"Thank you for another amazing performance! You had the audience in the palm of your hand."

Nancy Davis
Entertainment Coordinator
The Kennedy Center

"Thanks for bringing such spirit and energy here. I'll have you perform here anytime."

Phyllis Biddle
Richmond Children's Museum

City Celebrations
(Richmond, VA)

Saks Fifth Avenue
(Richmond, VA)

Kennedy Center
(Washington, D.C.)

The Comic Strip Nightclub
(New York City, NY)

The Village Gate Nightclub
(New York City, NY)

Busch Gardens
(Williamsburg, VA)

Central Park
(New York City, NY)

White House
(Washington, D.C.)

Baltimore Harbor Place
(Baltimore, MD)

Walt Disney World
(Orlando, FL)

Presidential Inauguration
(Washington, D.C.)

Kings Dominon Theme Park
(Doswell, VA)

The Big Red Boat Cruise Ship

The French Quarter
(New Orleans, LA)

The Homestead Resort
(Hot Springs, VA)

The Key West Sunset Celebration
(Key West, FL)

Saks' 5th Ave
(Richmond, VA)

Capitol One
(Richmond, VA)
Jonathan Austin's television experiences include everything from performances to news casts and commercials:

Television Appearances:

ABC World News
Paint Pot Alley (PBS)
The Official Video of Busch Gardens

Kings Dominon
Jefferson Loan Pawn Shop
Circuit City
Reynolds Metals
The Room Store
Jonathan Austin has won many awards for his performances as well:

Best Party Entertainer
Family Style Magazine
(2000 thru 2011)
First Place

Theatre Works Comedy Contest
First Place

VA State Juggling Championship
First Place

VA State Jr. Juggling Championship
First Place

Stagecraft Dramatics Speech Festival
First Place