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"So Far, So Good"

"Jonathan Austin is one of Richmond's most recognizable figures
and, despite his youthful age, one of it's most veteran performers.
He's a juggler, a magician and a comic.
Most of all, he is everywhere."

Flair Section - Richmond Times-Dispatch - April 13th, 2003

"Everyone looked on curiously while wondering how Austin was going to turn three ropes of differing sizes into the same length. Austin performed not only magic tricks but exciting juggling techniques for the crowd to enjoy.."

The Progress-Index
"Entertainment included a flawless afternoon performance by festival favorite Jonathan the Juggler.

The wise-cracking Richmond resident has been entertaining young and old alike at Hooray for Hopewell for 13 years. He utilized members of the audience to help with his many routines, including a hilarious act atop a unicycle."

The Hopewell news
"Jonathan Austin... is arguably Richmond's most popular individual performer. He has delighted crowds of all ages.. since he was 14 years old. He is a staple at every major Richmond festival and he typically draws the biggest crowds...

Jonathan combines an oustanding personality that relates to children and adults of all ages, with a hilarious sense of humor, timing, skill and feats to provide a truly "must see" show that you will be talking about for a long time."

Style Weekly
"A real crowd pleaser."

"Jonathan Austin, the magician, was a one-man traffic jam. Hundreds gathered as Austin, a cross between Rodney Dangerfield and David Copperfield, wowed 'em with his repartee and dexterity, at one point juggling a flaming baton."

The Richmond Times-Dispatch

The Northern Virginia Daily

The Progress-Index

The Miami Herald

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